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There have been a lot of rec lists around my flist lately, so I was ~inspired to do one myself. However, the MCR rec list I would have done was basically already done by other people, so I thought, why not do an Adam Lambert rec list instead! So here you have it, my favorite Adam fandom fics!

I divided by pairing, since that seemed to be the easiest way to organize it. The Adam/Tommy section is also sub-divided between canon-based fics and AUs. There is a lot of great writing in Adam fandom (seriously, it was SO HARD to whittle this down to a manageable length), so I hope you give some of these a try, even if you're just dipping your toes in to the glittery wonder that is Adam Lambert + Glamtroupe.



Staged by [ profile] ruby_fruit This is one of the early Adam/Tommy fics, and yet it still holds up. I love Tommy POV fics that deal with his attraction to Adam despite being straight (this will be a theme). And the sex is really hot (and yet another theme).

Three is (and isn't) a crowd by [ profile] scribblinlenore Adam/Tommy/OFC. I love reading threesomes, and this is first time sex and threesome sex all in one. Tommy is straight and therefore likes to sleep with girls, but there's also Adam. This is just really great and the sex is scorching.

Scenic Route by [ profile] gypsy_scribbles Tour!fic, before we knew what Adam's tour would really look like, but it's still awesome. This is long and gorgeous.

Drive-By Devotion by [ profile] astolat Oh man, I should be embarrassed by the number of times I've read this fic, but I'm really not. It's the "quickie drunk Vegas wedding" trope, but so much more than that. It's also REALLY dirty and REALLY hot. Prep and lube are sometimes handwaved in the sex scenes, but to me it's a style choice in the writing and I can supply with my own brain from context that these things are present, just not described every time. But seriously, AMAZINGLY HOT sex and also very sweet. I love this Tommy too and Adam is so great.

Built Upon the Water's Edge by Minxie This is power exchange kink, and it's written so well. The next rec is Minx again, she just does such an amazing job of writing D/s in a realistic and loving way. In this one, Tommy has an accident and Adam just... kind of takes over. It's lovely and I'm constantly re-reading it as well.

A Need So Fundamental by Minxie I love fics that really explore defining a new relationship, especially a D/s one, and again, Minx does an exceptional job. Tommy doesn't really know what he needs, except he does. Adam knows all along and shows him. Gorgeous writing, gorgeous boys. Check out Minx's other fic too, seriously great stuff.

The Good Times are Killing Me by autoschediastic (blue_soaring on DW) This is Tommy slowly reaching his breaking point with Adam, and then going for it. I fucking love this fic, everything blue_soaring writes is amazing, and this fic especially floors me every time I read it.

You look like I need a drink by autoschediastic First of all, best title EVER. This is really great rough sex kink. Tommy wants it rough. Adam wants to give it to him rough. But he also doesn't. Tommy convinces him. Seriously, SO HOT. And again, I recommend reading ALL of blue_soaring's fics. Incredible stuff.

Fall For Me by [ profile] fools_game More tour!fic. The entire Glamtroupe is so great in this. And I really love the slow build of Adam and Tommy's relationship. Excellent reading.

Here In The Dark by [ profile] technicolornina Tommy-dealing-with-his-straight fic of my HEART. I love how their relationship builds and grows. It's pretty clear that they love each other from the start, and they're so so careful, but they get there eventually and when they do it's so satisfying and you didn't realize you were holding your breath the whole time you were reading. Really amazing writing, and so close to canon I can easily believe this all happened.

Treasure more than Ruby-Red Lipstick by [ profile] rivers_bend I can't believe I forgot this one! This is one of my absolute FAVORITES! Tommy is so fucking precious in this, and Sutan is PERFECT. And even though all of the Adam/Tommy happens off-screen, it's still such a great fic about THEM. Ugh, so good. (Added 12/15)


The Mr. Lambert Effect by [ profile] scribblinlenore Tommy is a senior in high school, Adam is his substitute history teacher. OH MY GOD THIS FIC. Even with the switching around of age and occupation and all that, this story works SO WELL and the boys are SO IN CHARACTER. I've read this one so many times I can't even count, but it's great every time. If you love high school AUs, I guarantee this will be a favorite.

Big Brother - The Starving Artists Edition by anon This fiiiiiiiiiic! So Tommy and Adam and the Glamtroupe and even Kris and Katy and Brad are all in the Big Brother house together. Shenanigans happen! (No real working knowledge of Big Brother is necessary either, I've seen maybe 2 episodes of the show and I had no problem following the fic.) This is SO FUNNY and just SO SWEET and I am DYING to know who wrote it so I can read all of their everything.

Call the Darkness Light by [ profile] moosatcows/[ profile] my_silent_hour Holy shit, this fic. Adam is a Fallen angel and he falls in love with human Tommy. This story is so gorgeous and heartbreaking and breathtaking and wonderful. Again, I have read it many times. It's like this pairing's Unholyverse, for any bandom peeps reading. It's long but oh so worth it. I cannot praise this fic enough, one of my favorites forever.

Tomorrow Belongs to Us by magenta This is a World War II AU. Adam is a cabaret singer, Tommy is enlisted in the Nazi forces (but how he got there, oh I'll just let you read it). It's heartbreaking, but there's also a lot of hope.

Made of Gold and When the World Was Milk and Honey by magenta Another excellent historical AU by magenta, this time Adam is a Pharaoh in the ancient world and Tommy is a slave. Excellent world building and another heartbreaking yet fulfilling tale by Magenta.

Delaying the Inevitable by [ profile] scribblinlenore Adam and Tommy are porn stars, and the rest is just inevitable. I... really think that's all that needs to be said. Oh, and seriously hot. EVERYTHING Lenore writes is amazing.

All that Glitters by [ profile] rivers_bend Buffy the Vampire Slayer/High School AU. I love this fic, and I've never even watched BtVS (yes, yes I know). It's actually just a really great Adam/Tommy high school AU with some excellent supernatural friends thrown in. Such an easy read, the writing is really sharp and excellent.

Happenstance by [ profile] silentdescant Okay, this isn't really an AU, but it's Adam/Tommy/Brad, so it's a nice segue into the next section. It's very strong D/s and really hot and I fucking love it. I got to read this as it was written and have lots of discussions about the characters and their backgrounds, but you really don't need all of that to enjoy it. It's just damn good.


Interview Techniques and How Not to Give an Interview by LittleMousling Bradam MUST READS. Oh man, these two fics, I love them so fucking much. There's so much HISTORY and Adam is great and Brad is the fucking sparkliest and I just love them so much. Seriously, these two fics are like my Bradam canon. Love love love. LittleMousling is THE Bradam writer for me, so have two more.

Fundamental Incompatibility by LittleMousling Adam is bad at sex! Brad likes him enough to stick it out anyway. This fic is hysterical!

Houndstooth and Gray by LittleMousling Because Brad was kind enough to tell twitter what color and in which pocket his handkerchief would be. Thanks Brad!

Nomenclature by [ profile] winterlive This fic is stupidly hot but it also gives me the warm fuzzies. Features Adam bottoming! Which is rare, mostly because he's such a vocal and obvious top, but the way he gives into it is so in character, you're anticipating it almost as much as he is. Lovely.

To Be Adorned by [ profile] bexless Adam gets his nipples pierced (canon!), Brad helps him try them out. Soooooo hot.


Pinch Hitter by [ profile] bexless, Adam/(Frank/Gerard). This one has both fandoms that I love most! And I love this fic so much. I love established relationship with a consensual third player fic. And Adam is like, THE PERFECT PERSON to throw in with Frank and Gerard. And of course, it takes place during Projekt Revolution 07, or The Summer That Frank Was In Heat. Adam is UNF-y as hell here, and Frank and Gerard are precious as usual. Worth everyone's time to read, plus a bonus mini-primer with lovely photos and Bex's golden commentary at the beginning! Everything Bex writes is awesome, so have a few more.

Wake Up by [ profile] bexless, Adam/Drake. I love this fic, definitely my favorite Adam/Drake fic. I love sleepy fic, and the sex is really hot, and these two were so fucking cute together. Ah just read it.

La langue and the follow-up, A Bientot by [ profile] bexless, Adam/OMC. Adam and the gorgeous Frenchman! When I heard Adam went back to Paris for promo stuff while everyone else from the tour went home, I immediately thought of these fics. I love Bastien, he's such an awesome OMC, and Adam is fucking adorable here.

Accidental by [ profile] bexless, Adam/the phone, Kris/his hand. The only appearance of Kradam on the list! And it's not even REALLY Kradam, but it's HILARIOUS. Kris accidentally witnesses Adam having phone sex. Bex writes comedy so well, and it's also really hot. Read read read!


The Art of Launching Rockets by anon, Tommy/Brad. This is from [ profile] glam_kink (which has A TON of great stuff, so check it out!) and wow, I love this fic so much. The world definitely needs more Tommy/Brad (and then Adam needs to get involved and top the hell out of both of them, obvi). Also, jealousy!kink in this, which is one of my favorites.

Sidewalk Scenes and Black Limousines by [ profile] rivers_bend, Gen, but vague Tommy/Isaac. This is Glamdom advanced reading, since a good understanding of the Glamtroupe is necessary to really appreciate this fic. But it's hilarious no matter what. Best banter I've read in a long time. I fucking love Adam's crew, if this wasn't evidennt by now. Check out [ profile] rivers_bend's other fics as well, lots of great stuff.

Pieces by [ profile] sulwen, Tommy/EVERYONE. No really, Tommy/Everyone on the Glam Nation tour. This fic is so great, I love Tommy Joe... and so does everyone else. Also, it really ends up as Adam/Tommy, which is a nice way to round out this rec list, because when it comes down to it, they're my favorite.

I hope you find something enjoyable to read! And I will probably just add to this list as new fics happen ([ profile] lambliffbigbang is coming up soon, so there will surely be some in there that I will be rec'ing) so feel free to keep this bookmarked!

Updated: 12/15


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