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(Adam decided to be fabulous at the exact right time. Thanks bb.)

The delightful man that is Adam Lambert treated the world to an amazing performance of his debut single "For Your Entertainment" last night on the AMAs. Not only that, he turned the gay up to 11 (well, for broadcast TV in America, anyway). You guys know I love him a whole lot right? Because I do, and I love that he's so very "I'm here, I'm queer, Get. The. Fuck. Over. It." *_____*

As I watched the performance on YouTube this morning, and saw some photos posted online, I couldn't help but notice that Adam might have been taking notes on two other performers over the years. Let's take a photo tour, shall we?

MCR's Master Class in Queering the Fuck Out On Stage

Nice and easy to start? Here's Adam sending the haters to the left, as it were:

Gerard and Frank agree. Move along:

Let's move on to another favorite standard. Face, meet crotch:

(I flailed so hard when I saw that you guys! Oh Adam, I heart you so much bb.)

It's hard not to make the comparison, honestly. There's nothing Gerard and Frank love more than to stick their faces in each other's crotches (and please, I am apparently lacking in photos of this at work, so add more in comments if you have 'em):

And finally, no performance is complete without sticking your tongue down someone's throat:

Right boys?

Also, hi, isn't that keyboardist's hair rather familiar?

So, congratulations Adam! You learned from the best and you definitely passed the class with flying colors!
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